100gr. Black Seeds

Spitting out husks is an expression of the defiant Israeli street culture, the marginal culture which refuses to adopt conventions that are considered polite and leaves its traces on space in a sort of conquest of territory. The work 100 gr. Bl’ Seeds is composed of two different works. The first is a machine of crude tin that shoots sunflower seeds. It is driven by a device that uses computerized vision and surveillance technology, and homes in on the spectators at random and focuses its muzzle at them. The second work is projected on the central wall of the gallery. This is a video in which the artist’s figure is seen standing in the middle of an empty space, chewing sunflower seeds and spitting the husks out on the floor. During the entire movie, which is an hour long, the artist performs a complete rotation in place, and the filmed space fills up with a round carpet of sunflower seed husks that surrounds him. The carpet created in the film erases the tracks of the defiant act which is characterized by its lack of order, and transforms it to an aesthetic surface with an organized shape.

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100gr. Black Seeds